asked questions.
asked questions.
asked questions.
What can be recycled?

Any clothes and home textiles that are made of at least 85% cotton – socks, pants (yes, pants), fraying shirts, old towels and bedsheets, denim that’s too tatty for the charity shop. You name it, we’ll take it – provided it’s over 85% cotton. Make sure you check the label!

Do my clothes have to be 100% cotton to be recycled?
100% cotton is great but we understand materials are often blended. Ideally, we want clothes that are 85% or over in cotton content. Always remember to check the label.
Can my clothes have stains, rips and embellishments?

Yes. Unlike resale, where garments need to be squeaky clean and in good nick, your cottons can be stained or ripped. We also accept clothing with embellishments, but we will remove them before they go to our reprocessor.

Where can I recycle?
Find out how to recycle your clothes here.
What happens to my clothes?
Firstly, our sorter removes any unwanted buttons, zips, hardware etc then the clothes are shredded and reprocessed into a pad which Naturalmat will work their magic on to turn your old cottons into something brand new.
Where can I drop my clothes off?

Check to see if we have a collection bin near you, or alternatively pack it up and send them to us via the Post Office.

How can I mail my cottons?
Print off a label & send to us from any post office.
I’m a clothing business with stock to contribute. How can I take part?

Please contact us to discuss further.

Is the Cotton Lives On™ programme only in the UK?
We have a sister programme in the U.S. called Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green™ denim recycling program. At the moment, the Cotton Lives On™ recycling programme is only in the UK.
If I’m a registered charity, can I request a roll mat?
Of course. Please get in contact through our Contact Us form and we can discuss this further.


Can I buy the roll mats?

Roll mats are not available for sale but Naturalmat, who produces our roll mats, make a variety of products on sale through their website.


When did Cotton Lives On™ recycling programme begin?

Cotton Lives On™  was launched in summer 2022.


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